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Two spa-like, recently renovated, Mikvah facilities exist within close proximity of Northeast Jewish Center of Yonkers and Southern Westchester

Mikvah of New Rochelle

The Mikvah of New Rochelle was established on December 7, 2008.   The Mikvah facility features two beautifully designed Mikvaot and seven elegant prep rooms all geared towards enhancing the Mikvah experience. 


Please call (914) 740-7754, anytime, to hear the hours of operation.

Mikvah of Riverdale 

Riverdale Mikvah serves the Riverdale, Bronx, Westchester and other surrounding communities. The Riverdale Mikvah seeks to provide a meaningful and pleasant experience for all users.  We are nearing the process of completing construction to renovate our Mikvah, to strengthen the observance of Taharat Hamishpacha and to create an enhanced experience. 

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