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Making a Simcha Soon? 
(wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Sheva Brachot, Bris, Kiddush, etc)

Pay Forward the Bracha and let your decorations continue giving after your event is over!

If you are making a Simcha and would like to DONATE:
fake flowers, centerpieces, tablecloths, decorations, etc. 
Please contact us! We will pick up your donations, in great condition, to pay forward to someone else who is having an upcoming Simcha and could use them!

If you have fresh flower centerpieces to donate, please email us with date and location of your event and # of available centerpieces and preferably a photo or description. 
We will try to match you up with someone who needs flowers for an upcoming event.
We will do our best to make the "shidduch" and make sure your flowers will continue to beautify and enhance yet another Simcha!

We are based in NY.. but if you would like to donate real flowers for pickup after your event.. you do not need to based in NY as any can request a 'flower shidduch' and we will see if we have any donations/requests in your area!!


If you are making a Simcha, please feel free to borrow anything in our inventory for just a $50 refundable deposit.*

If you are making a Simcha and NEED flower centerpieces, please email us the date and location of your event and what your need is. 
We will try find someone who is making a simcha around the same time as yours so you could pick up the flowers and use them at your event!

All decor donations as well as financial donations are welcome and greatly appreciated!

Email us at:

Click here to see our current items to be added soon and on an ongoing basis!

*In the event of damage to any item, the cost of the item will be deducted from the deposit. 
We request that tablecloths be returned in clean and same condition they were picked up in. If there are stains we request that you please dry clean before returning.

Thank you! Mazal Tov! And Tizku L'Mitzvot!

Zichron Fraidel Simcha & Flower Gemach



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